Aera dissertation grant proposal

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The reason why I was so interested in word recognition at the Delaware Institute was that I had just completed some studies of reading comprehension with children. I got the bright idea that perhaps children would be helped to comprehend what they read if the written text included information about intonation patterns in spoken language. I reasoned that children might be dependent upon stress and pitch in processing the meaning of speech. The absence of this information in print might increase their comprehension difficulties. My solution was to build cues about intonation into the written text by varying the size of written words to reflect the amount of stress and pitch that might be assigned to words in a spoken rendering of the text. Heavily stressed words were printed in large type, moderately stressed words in medium type, and unstressed words in the smallest type. For the control conditions, I created texts in which words were printed in uniform size, or the three sizes were assigned randomly to words. I measured how quickly experimental and control groups read the texts and how well they remembered the information. Results of my first study revealed that 3rd graders read the intoned text faster than the standard text but there were no differences in comprehension (Ehri, 1974).

Aera dissertation grant proposal

aera dissertation grant proposal


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