Appearance versus reality hamlet essay

Nevertheless, there is some controversy regarding the proper ending of the Proem . While Lines -30 are reported by several additional sources (Diogenes Laertius, Plutarch, Clement, and Proclus), Simplicius alone quotes lines -32. In contrast, Sextus continued his block quotation of the Proem after line with the lines currently assigned to C/DK -7, as if these immediately followed. Diels-Kranz separated Sextus’ quotation into distinct fragments (1 and 7) and added Simplicius’ lines to the end of C/DK 1. The vast majority of interpreters have followed both these moves. However, there may be good reasons to challenge this reconstruction (compare Bicknell 1968; Kurfess 2012, 2014).

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Appearance versus reality hamlet essay

appearance versus reality hamlet essay


appearance versus reality hamlet essayappearance versus reality hamlet essayappearance versus reality hamlet essayappearance versus reality hamlet essay