Court observations essay

The Convention was bitterly divided. One faction, led by Virginia and Massachusetts, demanded total independence from Parliament, plus a complete boycott of both imports and exports. The other faction, led by New York, wanted it both ways, viz., recognition of colonial rights and reconciliation with Parliament. All agreed that an armed rebellion was “out of the Question.” The delegates reached a compromise, calling for an import boycott in December 1774 and an export boycott in September 1775 in case Parliament remained obstinate on the issues of taxation and laws designed to affect Colonial trade. The Congress adjourned, having compromised on the issue of independence, and resolved to meet in May 1775. Chase was firmly against any delay in the boycott of exports. His work at the Congress centered on British laws that either controlled or affected trade and manufacturing throughout the Colonies; however, he refused to align himself with either the radical or the conservative factions.

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Court observations essay

court observations essay


court observations essaycourt observations essaycourt observations essaycourt observations essay