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Overview: The Critique of Judgment begins with an account of beauty. The initial issue is: what kind of judgment is it that results in our saying, for example, 'That is a beautiful sunset'. Kant argues that such aesthetic judgments (or 'judgments of taste') must have four key distinguishing features. First, they are disinterested, meaning that we take pleasure in something because we judge it beautiful, rather than judging it beautiful because we find it pleasurable. The latter type of judgment would be more like a judgment of the 'agreeable', as when I say 'I like doughnuts'.

Accusations of Adi Da abusing his power as a spiritual leader attracted international attention in 1985. [14] [ page needed ] [82] Adi Da and Adidam (then known as Da Free John and The Johannine Daist Communion) were subjects of almost daily coverage in the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner, Mill Valley Record , other newspapers, and regional television news and talk shows over several weeks early in the year. [21] The story gained national attention with a two-part exposé on The Today Show that aired May 9 and 10. [94]

Critique essays art

critique essays art


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