Essays on franz kafka the trial

English translators have often sought to render the word Ungeziefer as "insect", but this is not strictly accurate. In Middle High German , Ungeziefer literally means "unclean animal not suitable for sacrifice" [4] and is sometimes used colloquially to mean "bug" – a very general term, unlike the scientific sounding "insect". Kafka had no intention of labeling Gregor as any specific thing, but instead wanted to convey Gregor's disgust at his transformation. The phrasing used by Joachim Neugroschel [5] is: "Gregor Samsa found himself, in his bed, transformed into a monstrous vermin", [ citation needed ] whereas David Wyllie says" "transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin". [6]

On the first page we are informed, in between dashes, that "-Samsa was a commercial traveler-." This fact is introduced in an offhand manner, as something completely unimportant, thus bringing out its importance; understatement is a common literary technique for depicting emphasis. We might note that the narrative sequence in the course of which this fact is introduced is mostly from Gregor's point of view. The fact of his profession is something that he does not consider particularly important. The reduced emphasis on this important information concerning Gregor's profession shows that, for Gregor, his job is not something he is proud of; it is also something so natural to him that it is hardly worth mentioning.

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  • Essays on franz kafka the trial

    essays on franz kafka the trial


    essays on franz kafka the trialessays on franz kafka the trialessays on franz kafka the trialessays on franz kafka the trial