Gender representation essays

The 15 Institutional Portfolios describe how different institutions combined interventions—such as those described in the Briefs—into an overall change portfolio.  The Institutional Portfolios offer real examples of how project teams identified core problems for STEM women faculty on their campus; chose, designed and implemented interventions to address these problems; and assessed their success.  All the Portfolios come from research on institutions funded in Rounds 1-2 of ADVANCE IT (funded 2001-04). The intent and structure of the Portfolios will be most clear if you first read the concise introduction in the StratEGIC Users' Guide .

Community radio is considered to be an effective tool in promoting women’s empowerment and participation in governance structures. Radio is often the primary source of information for women. It is accessible to local communities, transcends literacy barriers and uses local languages. Afghan Women’s Hour, for example, aims to reach a large cross-section of women and offers a forum to discuss gender, social issues and women’s rights. It was found that female listeners demonstrated a pronounced capacity to aspire, defined as the ‘capacity of groups to envision alternatives and aspire to different futures’ (Appadurai, cited in Bhanot et al., 2009, p. 13). Women developed specific aspirations in areas that had been recently covered by the programme segments. Their aspirations, however, were not particularly focused (Bhanot et al., 2009). Challenges with other community radio programme initiatives include women’s general under-representation and in some cases, the negative portrayal of women.

Gender representation essays

gender representation essays


gender representation essaysgender representation essaysgender representation essaysgender representation essays