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Robeson worked briefly as a lawyer, but he renounced a career in law due to extant racism . [72] Essie financially supported them and they frequented the social functions at the future Schomburg Center . [73] In December 1924 he landed the lead role of Jim in Eugene O'Neill 's All God's Chillun Got Wings , [74] which culminated with Jim metaphorically consummating his marriage with his white wife by symbolically emasculating himself. Chillun's opening was postponed due to nationwide controversy over its plot. [75]

Circus Polka (1955) 3 Epitaphs (1956) Seven New Dances (1957) Rebus (1958) Tablet (1960) Fibers (1961) Junction (1961) Aureole (1962) La Negra (1963) Scudorama (1963) Party Mix (1963) The Red Room (1964) Duet (1964) Post Meridian (1965) Orbs (1966) Lento (1967) Public Domain (1968) Private Domain (1969) Churchyard (1969) Big Bertha (1970) Fetes (1971) So Long Eden (1972) Noah’s Minstrels (1973) American Genesis (1973) Sports and Follies (1974) Esplanade (1975) Runes (1975) Cloven Kingdom (1976) Polaris (1976) Images (1977) Dust (1977) Airs (1978) Nightshade (1979) Profiles (1979) Le Sacre Du Printemps (1980) Arden Court (1981) House of Cards (1981) Mercuric Tidings (1982) Sunset (1983) Equinox (1983) Roses (1985) Musical Offering (1986) Counterswarm (1988) Danbury Mix (1988) The Sorcerer’s Sofa (1989) Fact & Fancy (1991) Company B (1991) Spindrift (1993) Prim Numbers (1997) Eventide (1997) Piazzola Caldera (1997) The Word (1998) Oh, You Kid! (1999) Cascade (1999) Dandelion Wine (2000) Black Tuesday (2001) Antique Valentine (2001) In The Beginning (2003) Le Grand Puppetier (2004) Spring Rounds (2004) Troilus and Cressida (2006) Lines Of Loss (2007) De Suenos Que Se Repiten (2007) Changes (2008) Also Playing (2009) Three Dubious Memories (2010) The Uncommitted (2011) To Make Crops Grow (2012) Perpetual Dawn (2013) Sea Lark (2014) Death and the Damsel (2015)

Time for me is double-edged: Every day brings me further from the low of my last cancer relapse, but every day also brings me closer to the next cancer recurrence — and eventually, death. Perhaps later than I think, but certainly sooner than I desire. There are, I imagine, two responses to that realization. The most obvious might be an impulse to frantic activity: to “live life to its fullest,” to travel, to dine, to achieve a host of neglected ambitions. Part of the cruelty of cancer, though, is not only that it limits your time, it also limits your energy, vastly reducing the amount you can squeeze into a day. It is a tired hare who now races. But even if I had the energy, I prefer a more tortoiselike approach. I plod, I ponder, some days I simply persist.

Paul graham essays startups

paul graham essays startups


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