Pollution in karachi essay

I left Karachi in 1995 when I was a teenager , the saddest day of my life as i was leaving behind my family and friends more so I knew as I was from a humble family I had to make something out of my self in the West as I didn't have a family business to fall back on.. I visit Karachi every year sometimes twice in one year and always want to stay back and not leave and take the plunge and move back but the question always remains what I will do or where would I start ! I have just spent a month there and had no intentions of coming back to my life here in London! Pakistan is an amazing country it has a lot to offer and its people are probably the most enterprising as proven by millions of them making an amazing life for themselves abroad , if given a chance in their own country you can imagine where we would be today ! its a shame that Pakistan has always had corrupt leaders who only have their interest at heart ! I have read all the comments and would like to add all expats have regrets of leaving Pakistan but we have no choice and for my self I think I will probably always be in the dilemma if I should move back or not ! as I fear for my family's security but also yearn for the sense of belonging and not to be always considered as a 2nd class citizen in a country where i have now spent over 20 years ( and I was born in UK ) , I pray everyday to Allah to help me come across an opportunity which will allow me to live half of the year in Pakistan ! Insha'Allah one day my prayers will be answered.

I showed interest in the farm houses about 2 years ago but unfortunately my name did not come up in balloting. I was given offer to keep the deposit intact for chalet or farmhouses phase 2, which was supposed to “come soon” and i opted for it.
But it is rather amazingly shocking attitude from the management that no update has ever been given about tjose supposedly coming soon projects. I called in several times, only to be tols that “due in next month” and now this new project is being announced collecting 100,000 each once again to show interest.

Pollution in karachi essay

pollution in karachi essay


pollution in karachi essaypollution in karachi essaypollution in karachi essaypollution in karachi essay