Polygamy is quite natural essay

I like your aproach – very understanding for the both sides, with pripper arguments.
I just want to point out one small detail about polyamory. There are some people who practice it withough knowing, but also without reciprocity. First i’m talking about the people who are emotionally enaged in two relationships with at least one monogamus person. But because they don’t face the same “partner sharing”, they lack the perception that they actually cheat on that person. Second is the case of people who are both monogamusly posesive and poliamory. They don’t want to share a possibly polyamory partner, asking for monogamy and exclusivity by their part, but imperiously require being shared themselves as a manifestation of the other’s love…

Of course there are such things as true handedness and true hair colour. If there were not, no-one would be right-handed or left-handed, and no-one would have a hair colour. I agree, however, that the word “true”, when used in this way, is redundant. You seem to be applying it unnecessarily to heterosexuality to make your belief that it is the only “correct” form of sexuality, and that homosexuality is somehow “disordered” – a corruption, as you put it, of heterosexuality – sound more like an objective fact, which it isn’t. You are still perfectly free to believe that if you wish. I have no convincing reason to believe it, so I don’t.

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Polygamy is quite natural essay

polygamy is quite natural essay


polygamy is quite natural essaypolygamy is quite natural essaypolygamy is quite natural essaypolygamy is quite natural essay