Salut a la france dessay

1 Pietro Torri: Lucio Vero - Pace e guerra*
2 Domenico Natale Sarro: L'Arsace - Quell'usignuolo*
3 George Frideric Handel: Partenope - Rosmira, ove ti guida
4 George Frideric Handel: Partenope - Ch'io parta
5 George Frideric Handel: Partenope - Furibondo spira il vento
6 Johann Adolf Hasse: Demetrio - Dal mio ben che tanto amai*
7 Carlo Francesco Pollarolo: Ariodante - Giŕ mi par*
8 George Frideric Handel: Lotario - Non disperi peregrino
9 Leonardo Vinci: Il Medo - Pria che sposarlo
10 Leonardo Vinci: Il Medo - Taci o di morte
11 Leonardo Vinci: Il Medo - Sento scherzar*
12 Pietro Torri: Amadis di Grecia - La cara tua favella*
13 Francesco Gasparini: Il Bajazet - A dispetto
14 Pietro Torri: Venceslao - Parto, non ho costanza*
*World premičre recordings
Vivica Genaux (3, 6, 11)
Valer Sabadus Countertenor (11)

The Duchess and her nephew arrive and Marie enters with Sulpice, who has given her the news that the Marquise is her mother. Marie embraces her and decides she must obey. But at the last minute the soldiers of the Regiment storm in (Chorus: soldiers, then Tonio: Au secours de notre fille / "Our daughter needs our help") and it is revealed that Marie was a canteen girl. Indignantly, the Duchess leaves, but the other guests are impressed when Marie sings of her debt to the soldiers: (Aria, Marie: Quand le destin, au milieu de la guerre / "When fate , in the confusion of war, threw me, a baby, into their arms"). The Marquise is deeply moved, admits she is Marie's mother, and gives her consent to Marie and Tonio, amid universal rejoicing. (Final chorus: Salut a la France! / "Hurrah for France! For Happy times!" [26]

Salut a la france dessay

salut a la france dessay


salut a la france dessaysalut a la france dessaysalut a la france dessaysalut a la france dessay